Real Estate Myths Prevalent In Our Society

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  • July 10, 2016
  • real-estate-marketWhether buying or selling, real estate is something we do not deal with everyday. Once a decade or for some once in a life time is the interaction the person has with the real estate world. Unless and until we are concerned with a business point of view, real estate is nothing to deal with every month or year. When entering the real estate market, usually friend’s and family’s opinion matter a lot. Usually a common man is inexperienced in the field; hence a lot of discussion is needed on the same topic. Usually people are grounded with a number of myths floating about the real estate world.

    For Sale Sign On HomeIt is the rare amount of time a common man spends, thinking about real estate that leads to so many myths. Do not believe every other person that you hear around you. Many people talk about myths for letting other people down. Myths are only meant to create doubts and nothing else. There is no technical base behind a myth. Also, internet has made so many variety of information available to the people that now they have more options to plague their minds. After all it depends on the person what kind of information they infer from the internet.

    People think pricing their home higher will get them more money which is a big myth. People thinking about getting a good deal without a real estate agent are risking their own deal. As a buyer, you will be very eased up with a real estate agent’s help. There is no chance you can save money by selling your home on your own. It will become time taking and the price may actually go down. Thinking that the market will only go up is a stupidity. Consider facts and figures before coming up to any conclusion. You should go for thorough market supervision before believing anything randomly.

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    First Time Real Estate Buyers Can Be Smart

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  • June 7, 2016
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    There are a few common mistakes made by first time buyers in the real estate market. These mistakes can definitely be avoided with a bit of smartness. Buying a home for the first time makes people extremely excited and scary at the same time. The emotional imbalance leads to impulsive decisions. Some even regret buying a home after few months. To avoid these shortcomings keep a few things in your mind and you will never fall in the trap of a wrong deal. Firstly, do not spend too much. Try to negotiate and pay as less as possible.

    first-time-home-buyers-charlotte-real-estateAfter all, thinking about your own benefit in a business is not wrong. However, for this you can hire a real estate agent or trust your own negotiation skills. Sometimes spending too little also gets you a unfruitful deal. Sometimes people start rejoicing thinking that they bought a property in such a good deal. However, later they realize they were just made fool. It can happen if you do not go through the house thoroughly. Check it for damage and other issues. If you find any problem, you must consider it when discussing the price. Do not buy property thinking from your heart. Real estate is a complete business and sees no boundaries.

    Do not miss out on any hidden costs. Not doing research about the property can get you into trouble. There are a few hidden costs that come with every property purchase. If you understand these costs then well and good, or else you might be in trouble. Blindly buying a home will lead to regret at a later point of time. To avoid the regret work hard from before. Real estate is not everyone’s cup of tea. Do not depend on any other person for a market research. Do it on your own to get real facts and figures.

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    A Few Basic Mortgage Rules You Must Know

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  • May 14, 2016
  • Basic Mortgage RulesWhether you are buying a home for the first time or the tenth time, real understanding of mortgage is extremely important. Very rarely people pay in cash when buying a property. Majority of buyers go for a home loan or a mortgage. Hence, before the deal make your senses clear about a mortgage plan. The first thing to know is, you can get a loan based on your salary. In no way can you get a million dollar loan if you have a few thousand dollars as your monthly income. Hence, do not expect a fortune from the mortgage company. Select an amount that will be easy for you to clear later on.

    help-to-buyAnalyze carefully whether it will be convenient for you to clear the mortgage amount or not. Calculate your fixed costs and then estimate your loan clearing capabilities. Be honest with yourself the entire time. Fooling yourself with the myth that you will clear any amount of mortgage is wrong. Realistic approach will make things far easier. According to a study, your housing cost must be 32% less than your gross monthly income. Mortgage is not a short term issue; hence many things need to be considered. If you do it in haste then it can lead to great problems.

    Hence, do your homework, do all the calculations. How much extra amount can you afford every month to pay as the mortgage will decide what type of property your buy. Even if you have savings from before, calculations are needed. Anytime in your life there can be a point where some unprecedented expenses will arise. Those situations also need to be considered. Mortgage can be a real night mare if you are not able to clear it on time. Hence, do the hard work before so that you do not suffer later on.

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